Amazon CloudWatch is a management service and a monitoring tool that provides insights and data for AWS, Hybrid, and on-premises application and infrastructure resources. It provides a single platform where you can accumulate and access all your performance and operation data in the form of metrics and logs.

At, we have several projects where we are using Cloudwatch as our monitoring tool. Cloudwatch enables us to have visibility on our application performance and respond quickly to any issue.
Recently, I have had an opportunity to work on one of the internal project where we needed to analyse the…

Jenkins is an automation server which enables the developer to reliably build, test and deploys their software. It allows users to setup a Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery pipeline for almost any combination of languages and source code repositories in a simple way.

In this article, I will be showing you how you can use Jenkins to install packages to your target servers via Ansible. This article is a continuation of the article How to use Ansible AWS EC2 Dynamic Inventory Plugin. In this part of the series, I will be demonstrating how you can integrate Jenkins with Ansible to…

Ansible is a great automation tool used for IT tasks such as configuration management, application deployment etc. Many organisations have adopted Ansible as their configuration management tool. However, managing a static inventory file can be a tedious job if your Ansible inventory fluctuates over time, with hosts spinning up and shutting down in response to business demands. In scenarios like this, the static inventory solution will not serve your needs; You would need to adopt an Ansible dynamic inventory to meet your business demands efficiently.

Ansible supports many dynamic inventory plugins, e.g. aws_ec2, aws_rds, azure_rm, docker_swarm, gcp_compute, etc. These plugins…

Shahin Ahmed

A blogger and DevOps practitioner. In my spare time, I love to try out the latest open source technologies. I work as a DevOps Consultant.

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